Palo Alto

As the nucleus of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto has undoubtedly become one of the most influential cities in the world. This relatively sudden rise in reputation, propelled by the meteoric growth of FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google), seems surprising and even contradictory at times. For those who point out that Google is now held by Alphabet, we hereby announce that we are a FAAAN of the City.  

On the surface, Palo Alto is a quiet bedroom community, known for more than 30 idyllic parks, one of the state’s best school districts, and its close-knit community feeling. This description is certainly in contrast with what many might expect from a center of global innovation. Perhaps it is the paradox of peaceful residential living, and world-changing technology, that fuels the universal appeal of this one-of-a-kind city.

Modern Palo Alto was established in tandem with Stanford University in the late 19th century, which shaped the enduring and synergistic relationship between the city and esteemed institution from the onset. The city was effectively developed from North to South, with University Avenue being the first urban area of Palo Alto. As the city grew, it incorporated the neighboring town of Mayfield in 1925, the area clustered around California Avenue, and solidified the second of two downtown areas that residents continue to enjoy today. The nature of this expansion further explains why the city’s oldest and historic homes lie in North Palo Alto, while Eichler tracts and ranch style homes built in the post-World War II boom are more common in Midtown and South Palo Alto. 

No doubt due to Stanford University’s powerful and beneficial influence, Palo Alto has become the birthplace of Silicon Valley. Starting from the Hewlett-Packard House and Garage at 367 Addison Avenue, this city has engineered some of the greatest minds and innovations in high-tech history. Apple’s Steve Jobs, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google co-founder Larry Page, and, of course, Ken DeLeon, all chose to reside in this quiet community to foster their brilliance. And it seems that Palo Alto has maintained momentum, with the best and brightest continuing to flock to the city from all corners of the globe. Stanford University has played an integral role in transforming Palo Alto to the birthplace of Silicon Valley, and nationally ranked Palo Alto Unified School District continues to guide the next generation of excellence. 

DeLeon Realty is proud to carry forward this tradition of excellence and innovation. As the only major brokerage headquartered in Palo Alto, we are proud to share our roots and history with this city. We continually seek inspiration from “the intellectual capital” of Silicon Valley to innovate the real estate industry. Our goal is to eliminate wide-spread conflicts of interest in the real estate industry, and improve on long-standing inefficiencies in the traditional model, creating an enjoyable and unmatched end-to-end client experience. We take our position as Palo Alto’s market leader seriously and continue to strive for greatness. 

Thank you to all current and future residents alike. We look forward to contributing to the rich history and community fabric of Palo Alto for years to come!

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